China Textile Industry --- Leadership of Aseptic Textile Technology

Date : 2020-04-29

Experts in the textile industry pointed out that the research on modern antibacterial fibers was marked by the Domag report in 1935, when Domag reported that clothing treated with quaternary ammonium salts had antibacterial function. During World War II, the German military treated military uniforms with quaternary ammonium salts, greatly reducing the infection rate of the wounded. This is an important miracle in the textile industry and opened the door to the development and pursuit of functional textiles by mankind.


However, due to the addition of chemical antibacterial agents to fight bacteria, antibacterial textiles have gradually emerged as various side effects on human skin. Therefore, they have not been widely used in textile products for people's livelihood.


Experts believe that the replacement of antibacterial textiles with sterile textiles will be an irreversible trend


The production of sterile textiles cannot ignore every detail of the entire industrial chain. Textiles from yarn-weaving-dyeing-finishing-processing-finished products, the entire process requires strict coordination of each link, slightly Deviations will affect the performance of the finished product. Mass production must be completed through the accumulation of theoretical and practical experience and effective control of textile equipment. Large-scale production requires extremely high technology. It must be a perfect combination of technical application and production, stable efficacy, and achieve product technology leadership. Not replicable.


When people are accustomed to driving a car, the bicycle will fade out of their vision. Because of this, when sterile textiles are accepted by people as overwhelming advantages of health and safety, ordinary antibacterial and bacteriostatic textiles will gradually be eliminated by the market.


The world textile industry has been researching and developing for nearly a hundred years, and the brand of medical choice creates a new miracle


After choosing Hongkong Fengtai “RICHTLINIEN” fiber purification technology, Hongzhi Fengzhi Textile Technology Co., Ltd. officially became the first enterprise to use and promote “RICHTLINIEN” fiber purification technology in China. According to the huge demand in the international and domestic markets, Medical Choice has formulated a development policy from medical treatment to people's livelihood, to realize the brand operation of high-end sterile textile products, so as to transform sterile textile products from dreams into reality, and create human entry into sterile textiles. The feat of the times.


The choice of medical aseptic textiles brings new miracles and hopes to mankind. This will be the future development trend of the textile industry. Paying attention to the choice of doctors and paying attention to sterile textiles means paying attention to one's own health and creating a happy and beautiful tomorrow.

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