Weaving process design

Date : 2020-04-29

China is the first country in the world to produce textiles. The evolution and development of its weaving process and technology not only occupy an important position in the history of Chinese science and technology, but also in the world's textile history. Weaving technology has evolved from the production of knitting nets for fishing and hunting and woven frame mats. The weaving process includes weaving, knitting and weaving. Among them, weaving is a process of forming fabrics based on the structure of various fabrics by using yarn as warp and dimension. This process is divided into five steps: let-off, opening, leading dimension, playing dimension and winding.

       Jingjin, which is a large category of silk fabrics, is full of flowers. Jingjin is the use of two or more sets of colored necklines, with heavy tissue to form a thicker jacquard silk fabric with warp threads.

       Tang Jin-Lianzhu group, small cluster flowers. The weaving industry in the Tang Dynasty not only has a considerable scale, but also has developed rapidly in technology. Especially, the transformation of the Jingjin into the Tang Weijin with the double structure of the dimension and the twill as the basic organization is a creative work of the Tang Dynasty.

       Song Jin-Caiwei color group show elegant. The most important thing is the brocade. It often uses the refined and dyed silk and twisted gold thread as weft to pick up various colored flowers.

       Shujin-Dingqiao loom warp flowers. For example, in the Eastern Han Dynasty, "Wangsihai Guifushou is the National Day", with blue as the ground, brown, silk, grass green and three colors of flowers.

       Yunjin-the radiance of the clouds is like a cloud. It is divided into three categories: Kusatin, Kujin, and makeup.

       Tuo Si-Passing through and breaking through the beauty of beauty. Its characteristic is to pass the warp and break the dimension, that is, use raw silk as the warp, and various colored mature silks as the dimension. When weaving, first draw the pattern on the warp, and then use a small shuttle, a puller and other tools to use snatch, knot, loop and long and short shuttle And other techniques, put more bell color dimension into the pattern.

       Yarn, Luo-flat, smooth and breathable. Yarn is a slender, sparse, square-porous, light-weight plain weave silk fabric. Luo is divided into Su Luo and Hua Luo.

       Woven silk-who weaves five colors of clouds. Can be used for high-end wall coverings, table blankets, bed covers, cushions, etc.!

       Woven velvet-elegant and dignified velvet loop. Mainly used for sofa fabrics, cushion fabrics, high-end tablecloths and curtains.

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